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Best Banner Exchanges for 2021

Create a Viral Banner Machine for Hands-Free Traffic!

Here’s how you can combine four of the best Banner Exchange Sites with two of the most powerful Viral Ad Systems out there, to generate endless Traffic, Leads and Commissions… all on Full Auto!

Just register an account on each of the following sites, confirm your email, then login and grab your referral links. Then follow our easy 10 minute set up outlined below.

#1. Banner Ad Blaster

Put your banners on 500+ sites and earn cash just for using the site. Easily the best option for anyone prepared to grab an upgrade. Just $9.80 one-time will get you higher priority on your banners, 20K credits, higher commissions, entry into the matrix program and more.

#2. Banner Adz

This is a new banner exchange that’s doing everything right so far… 1:1 exchange ratio, a very generous welcome package and even gives you credits for promoting your splashpage. Not seeing big impression numbers just yet, but get in now because it won’t take long!

#3. Viral Banner Ad Coop

I grabbed the annual option ($37) to get monthly top ups, increased exchange rates, increased comissions and more… and the viral component means I got my investment back quite quickly and now it is all self-funded, hands-free traffic…

#4. Buckets of Banners

This exchange will show your ads on thousands of websites, plus you’ll earn a percentage of your downlines impressions. And if you do any traffic surfing, you realy need to have your BOB surf page in your rotation… nothing earns banner impressions faster.

The All-Important Viral Connection…

If you’re serious about creating serious long-term banner impressions automatically, you should connect these two ultra-viral sites into your banner marketing system.

1. Add banners for each of the exchanges above to an EzAdz Banner Rotator.

2. Add the Campaign Banner to the viral sites below, then…

3. Include banners for these two in your rotation on the exchanges above…

Your Exchanges feed your Viral Sites, the Viral Sites feed the Exchanges… and your System promotes itself…

You will need to prime the system by adding the exchange codes to a few of your pages.

I use a free EzAdz Banner Rotator to create a single image link I can add EVERYWHERE that offers free banners… that way I can manage it all from EzAdz and I never need to go back to the individual traffic sites. If you’re in a hurry, you can grab 1 Million Banner Impressions here and just let it run.

Once you start consistently feeding impressions into the system, this will start to grow itself. Before you know it, you’ll have a Viral Banner Machine showing your banners everywhere, generating new sign-ups and commissions, and driving fresh visitor traffic to your offers, all totally hands-free!

Take 10 minutes and set this up now! It will deliver better quality traffic and much more of it, than anything else you might be doing right now. And it will keep on delivering traffic long after you stop clicking…

BONUS STRATEGY… Please Steal This Page!

Copy and paste this entire page into a new post on your blog or a new page on your website.

Update the links so they use your Referral IDs for each of the sites, and edit the text as much or as little as you want. Word-for-word is fine by me, as long as you use it!

You can then use that page URL for any of your promos for any of the sites on this page… that way you send all interested visitors here first, and instead of maybe getting a single referral, you’ll often get multiple sign-ups from each visitor.

Even better, you can tell them to do the same thing… take this page and make it their own… giving them a simple system and all the tools to duplicate your efforts.

Because when they’re successful, you’re successful… it’s pretty simple really!

Want A Plug-n-Play Version of This Page?

This is one of the many Pro Marketing Pages you get in your EzHitzs Traffic Machine. Just add these to your traffic exchanges or safelist mailouts, and watch EVERYTHING grow… your traffic, your referrals, your commissions.

Also, consider this… I didn’t do ANY of the usual tedious traffic work… traffic surfing, reading emails, clicking ads… to get you here and I certainly didn’t pay for any ads.

The fact you are here reading this is proof that EzHitzs’ Automated Traffic Systems works perfectly without all that busy-work.

So if you’re sick of constantly chasing random one-time visitors, and if you’d rather be working on growing your business, make sure you Check out EzHitzs while you’re here

EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Machine


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