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Hi, I would like to tell you about great safelist. Herculist is a well known safelist and actually has over 90 000 members. When you join as a free member you get $5 signup bonus and 25% commissions and you can send email ad to 1000 members everyday for free without using credits. Just log in and send a regular message. Plus for credits you earn by reading emails you can send additional email ad when you want. If you upgrade for the best gold membership you can send email ad to all 90 000 members each day without using credits, get 50%commissions and many other features. Now is huge discount, only $25 for yearly and $49 for lifetime membership (one time fee). It means 2.7 millions email ad each month for years for free. I think you will love it.

Receive 100 Guaranteed Visits to Every
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After YEARS of trial and error and trying to “make it” online, I finally learned how to create a system for myself that generates affiliate sales for me…
It took a while to figure out, but once I did, I started sharing my process with other people!

By now, you probably know that BoB stands for BucketsofBanners
and that BoB is rapidly becoming one of the premier Banner
Exchanges on the net with an unusual viral twist not found in
Banner Exchanges.

Neobux are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment. As a member you can earn simply by viewing all the advertisements we display. You can advertise your website to help increase your sales and traffic.

LeadsLeap is one of the best sites to earn money online, get traffic, get informations about other sites and so many great features that i can say only one: i love this site. If you start your career of online marketer it is a must have and first choise.
I like high quality traffic, high commissions (25% and 50 %), your ads are seen not only in LeadsLeap but also in hundreds other sites. Great tools like tracker, widget, pop ups, free autoresponder. You are able to convert your credits into cash and earn cash daily just by surf at least 10 sites.
Do you want to earn money and get high quality traffic?
Do you want to earn cash and know where you get real traffic and where to advertise you links? If yes, LeadsLeap is for you.

MLM Gateway. I get many signups from this site. Join free and get 5 credits to start – send your messages to 5 other members. As a free member you can send your message to 1 member daily because you will get 1 new credit daily (only if you have 0 credits on your account so it is good to send your message everyday). As a pro member you will get 50 credits monthly.
Each member who connect with you is like on your own list – you can send them messages each time you want without using credits. I have over 400 members on my list and I get signups to my different programs just by sending messages with ads.
Commissions 35% and 50%, for each new referral you will get 10 credits. There is a contest each month – win up to $3000.

TopDogs Rotator.

Hello, I get passive advertising and get new signups and sales with this great site. with TopDogs Rotator you can:
List unlimited sites,
Your signups also show your sites – WITHOUT using your hit credits,
Earn hits… A LOT OF THEM,
This rotator is a powerful force to build your signups and traffic.
How this rotator works?
Only YOUR ads show on your rotator,
Viralize your ads AND get micro ads <— Amazing system in there,
Hits sent to your rotator <— Amazing system in there too,
21 year site owner – who pays and answers members,
100 % custom built site.

As a free member you earn 25% commission = up to $37 a sale and 1% of each package sold = up to 10,000 hits each time.
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