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Amazing passive advertising

Amazing passive advertising (about 2.000 high quality hits monthly) for upgraded (pro) members and many great features for free. You are able to advertise 10 slots (pro) without credits deduction. It means about 200 monthly per slot. Also credits slots are available for you (you need credits like free members).

Commissions – 25% (free members) and 50% (pro members). Upgrade cost $28 monthly but it is worth much more. Surf 10 ads daily to earn some money. Encash your credits to earn money (50 credits = about 7-8 cents daily).

If you have your own website or blog it is a great program for you. I use it to promote my websites to 1st position in Google y advertising my posts on Leadsleap.

As a free member you get so much free features that it should be one of your main programs (advertising, earnings, pop-ups, trackers, social reviews, free uoresponder and others).

Join now to grow your business instantly.


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